Ergosoft Rip 15

Ergosoft Rip 15

ErgoSoft PosterPrint 15 RIP software combines impressive production performance, outstanding image quality, and superior colour fidelity all in one easy to use package.

Product Information

ErgoSoft RIP Version 15

3 become 1 – ErgoSoft RIP

The ErgoSoft product portfolio has been strengthened by taking all the benefits of StudioPrint, PosterPrint and TexPrint and combining them into one strong ErgoSoft RIP solution addressing all the different applications in the wide range of the market. The price list has been simplified to respond to an easy to understand approach tailored to the market needs.

3 facts about ErgoSoft RIP Version 15

  • New! ErgoSoft RIP includes up to 8 simultaneous RIPServers.
  • New! ErgoSoft RIP includes all supported roll cut drivers and 4 simultaneous CutClients.
  • New! ErgoSoft RIP now includes several former options in the JobComposer Production Edition.

3 steps to ErgoSoft RIP Version 15

  • No.1 Select ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Essential or ErgoSoft RIP JobComposer Production.
  • No.2 Add drivers and PrintClients.
  • No.3 Add optional features such as Step & Repeat or ColorCombine.


Enhanced Production Workflow Features

PDF Handling

Version 15 has a new PDF engine based on Aurelon PDF engine. The improved production workflow features show dynamic and color correct previews of PDF files.

Re-Designed Cut Feature

The new design of the ErgoSoft Cut feature allows multiple cut paths per image and enables the complete functionality of ErgoSoft Image Presets to be combined with cutting to improve the entire cut process.


Version 15 - New ErgoSoft Technology Features

Gamut Mapping for ColorGPS

Version 15 Gamut Mapping for ColorGPS Profiler improves out of gamut color mappings especially in very industry specific color spaces of e.g. textiles, ceramics or high-pressure laminate applications. The new gamut mapping helps to achieve smoother gradients and more colorful results. Additional parameters to optimize the smoothness of individual gamuts are available in the Version 15 ColorGPS Profile Editor.

Halftoning - New Matrix for Stochastic

With Stochastic 3sf ErgoSoft improves the quality of its high performance dithering method tremendously. The new half toning technology combines high productivity with highest quality while adding up to plus 40% speed compared to Version 14 dithering.

User Level Rights

User Level Rights allow to protect certain elements with a password to increase production security. In Version 15 the User Level Rights bring adjustable user levels, including JobQueue features and adding supplementary JobComposer functionality to the control.

Step & Repeat

In Version 15 ErgoSoft takes the Step & Repeat feature to the next level by adding the support of PS and PDF files. By transforming the feature from an import filter to an Image Property ErgoSoft enables all benefits like Presets and Image Presets to Step & Repeat.

Printer Pool

The new Printer Pool feature improves the workflow for users with several printers of the same type. Printer Pool allows increased job management flexibility for printer farms and improves the productivity by simplifying the job sharing between printers.



PostScript Level II/III, PDF (X-3), EPS, DCS (2), AI, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PNG


Windows XP 32-bit 
Windows Vista 32-bit, 64-bit 
Windows 7 32-bit - 64-bit


Agfa, Epson, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, Canon, HP, Encad, Seiko, Zünd, Graphtec, Infiniti, DGI, Orion and more.


X-Rite, Techkon, HP BuiltIn, Colourscout, Barbieri