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  • CD1 : Software Installation & Utilities
  • CD2 : Software Update & CMS packages (profile library)
  • USB Security Lock Key
  • License Authorization
  • User’s Manual

 The new version aims to provide easily accessible practical solution for general users to fully utilize professional color management, workflow management and quality management. Main features summary is listed as below; 

  • Server feature: Multi-queue workflow (unlimited number of hot folders), unlimited number of virtual printers (print directly from any application on window, mac or unix), automatic printing stream and job management. Multiple printers connection (4) and simultaneous printing (2) available.
  • Quick profiling: 10-minute Quick linearization and profiling with naked-eye based gray balancing and std. ink profiles. Save time of ICC profiling and cost of measuring devices & profiler s/w.
  • Professional profiling: Wizard-based linearizationa and ICC profiling with using any measuring devices. Measured data can be converted for various profiling software.
  • Soft proofing: Eevery preview image dynamically simulates the color change of parameters including profiles, curves and other parameters like ink limit, brightness, contrast and etc.
  • Multiple Spot colors and Process colors : Spot color control by embeded data in the image, standard color chart or user's indexed library. Supporting special ICC profiles using any colors other than CMYKRBOG.
  • Color Correction: Freedom of color correction independentlyly from ICC profiles with dynamic preview simulation. Powerful curve tweaking, black enhancement, pure color preservation, and other important and useful features for generating exactly expected print output.
  • Performance: Amazing printing speed (Ripprint: rip&print on the fly) and Easy 'dual-mode' Interface. Powerful cropping/tiling module and rigidly structured file management. Perfectly support supercell, Variable dot, Hifi inks (Lc, Lm, Lk, Or, Gr...) at the same time.
  • Quality: more than 256 level true color gradation with new screen technology (Topaz QuBis Screen), Photo-quality interpolation algorithm (Topaz BiCubic interpolation), Hi-level media-machine interface control and etc.
  • Nesting: You'll find the totally difference concept of Nesting in TOPAZ. TOPAZ Nesting does not require importing of ripped images. Nested job size is under 5 KB and easy to handle without any time lag during calculation or printing. Each page or individual job can be adjusted by rescaling, repositioning, copying androtation differently.
  • Cutting: TOPAZ Rip's new Contour Cutting Utility is compatible with cutting plotters manufactured by Mutoh, Graphtec, Mimaki, Roland DGA and etc.




Fast to learn and Easy to use without asking you a hard training TOPAZ RIP's unique DUAL MODE INTERFACE helps you move forward and backward easily between task-based interface and layout-based interface for your fast decision and operation with preventing possible mistakes during the complicated job operation.

TOPAZ RIP covers every enhanced feature in only a few essential windows opening, which reduces your human fault and working time a lot.

TOPAZ RIP keeps consistent information automatically without annoying saving, renaming or waiting time during your treating with multiple jobs at the same time.

TOPAZ RIP can shuttle between Task-mode and Layout-mode in the same window.




  • UNIQUE CONCEPT OF EASY-TO-USE : TOPAZ Rip is designed to help practical daily tasks. People start to use it commercially after 30 minutes of easy learning after installtion and this increases work throughput and time management efficiency. TOPAZ RIP covers every enhanced feature in only a few essential windows opening, which reduces your human-fault and working time a lot. .
  • BE FREE FROM TEDIOUS TASK : Other Rip softwares have different software modules like layout(preflight) module, color control module and task management module. User need to run and close several programs during a single job processing. Users need to open and close many sub-windows for a single job operation, which may be a tedious job. User may save or rename the original image repeatedly for each rotation, mirroring or scaling command, which annoying people.



Accelerate your printing work - faster than ever before, any other by successful upgrade of new interpret engine, Version 9.0 is 1.5 times faster than before, even version 8.0 was the fastest Rip in the market! 'SPEED' for printing work does not mean only ripping speed. All processes during the work should be treated promptly for speedy printing ; Software Operation as well as File & Image processing. 

  • TOPAZ RIP provides real freedom of WYSWYG operation, which completes your printing work in a flash.
  • TOPAZ RIP does not allow any delay time during any process of your operation. This remarkable intuitive interface and consistent workflow will save your valuable time and human resources.
  • TOPAZ RIP's All-in-One Wizard helps your calibration, profile creation and job settings in a single stream. 




interactive user interface
enables your fastest printing process.




TOPAZ Rip enables Real "Rip&Print on the fly", called RIPRINT* by its unique slice buffering technology, file treatment algorithm, anti-banding algorithm and distributed processing. You'll feel your printing faster than ever especially for big print outputs.


-RIPRINT* : TOPAZ RIP even does not have RIP queue because it does RIPPING and PRINTING simultaneously. When you see Task mode of TOPAZ RIP, there re 3 queues of INPUT, PRINT and FINISH only. On the other hand, most of other rips have INPUT, RIP and PRINT queues.


TOPAZ Rip separated Raster Image Processing engine and Color control and quality enhancement module.
Most of case, Rip engine suffers huge load in processing, archiving, coloring, screening, and interpolating.
TOPAZ RIP engine only doesprocessing and others are treated during printing by another separate modules, which maximize the printing speed.


TOPAZ Rip's superiority in speed can be highlighted when you try to print huge-size printing work. Many other Rip software 'reduces' original resolution of image during ripping calculation, to pretend to run fast. TOPAZ Rip can 'Riprint' any huge size job at the original resolution without excess load to CPU or hard disk (5 GB free disk is enough for printing of 100 GB image). Even very complex and huge nested job can be treated in a flash.



100m long print output with maintaining speed and quality

TOPAZ Rip's unique real time Rip & Print technology enables Super-scale printing without any loss of printing speed nor output screen quality.

TOPAZ can treat with big printing however big it is, even if it is 100m long.

Scale Is No Probelm

It is a challenge for normal rip software to print really big and long output in treating with enormous size of image file. Generally the bigger the print output, the lower output quality should be for those rips due to rip engine limited capacity. Some times printing speed is remarkably decreased and it abruptly stops for a moment, sometimes the decrease the output quality shows strange magnified screen dots, or sometimes it just suddenly stops with aborting job in the middle of long output printing.

  • TOPAZ RIP is the unique software which enabling super-scale printing at original screen resolution without lowering the speed and quality.
  • For printing the super-scale output, most of rips in the sign market suffers from lower speed, sudden break and fail, or low-level quality.
    TOPAZ RIP can print big outputs, no matter how big they are, with same speed and original screen resolution.

Unique Interpolation Algorithm

In practical approach to super-scale printing, it's not easy to work with high-resolution super scale file itself. So people want better quality of big print output even though original file is small.
Most of Rip engines are providing basic interpolation algorithm. However, it's not enough


TOPAZ RIP has TOPAZ BiCubic™ interpolation module outside of rip engine and it'll help the best quality of your super-scale-up printing from your original small-size file.
The separated TOPAZ BiCubic™ module does not effect on ripping time.
Yes, you can use normal picture for big poster now.





You need just 1 rip for all of your desktops and printers 

Make your printing office 24hours running without people. TOPAZ RIP supports MIMO (multi-input multi-output) high-production environment with complete flexibility with connecting many Mac and PC design workstations and many printers.


Clicking Printing button on your design program or drag and drop of files is all it takes to get great output. Direct printing from design applications on Mac or PC Designers or engineers need not wait for completion of ripping and printing during their another work. It's real multi-tasking of ripping, printing and editing.


Clicking Printing button on your design program or drag and drop of files is all it takes to get great output. Direct printing from design applications on Mac or PC Designers or engineers need not wait for completion of ripping and printing during their another work. It's real multi-tasking of ripping, printing and editing.



Robust & Structured Job Control for data consistency

Fully automated printing workflow is very useful. But it is also true that we need to modify settings manually for each job very often. It is very important to protect rigid settings for automation with allowing flexible change of current job settings separately.


Fully automated printing workflow is very useful. But it is also true that we need to modify settings manually for each job very often. It is very important to protect rigid settings for automation with allowing flexible change of current job settings separately.



TOPAZ RIP provides robust structure of job management hierarchy. Users need not to be confused with complicated multiple job treatment. TOPAZ RIP provides one-stop Wizard for color settings, in a straight flow of media setup quick, linearization, profile creation or modification and color tweaking at one time, which can be applied to each job in a specific input queue automatically. Users can change existing job and color settings with immediate cross-check from TOPAZ RIP Preflight Simulator.


TOPAZ Rip's highly structured information hierarchy keeps your job settings consistently maintained. Job settings for automatic workflow is not affected by temporary trials of each color and layout change for a specific printing work.




You are color professional now without additional expenses

Sometimes very frequently, it has been regarded as the best method for color control to source good ICC color profile from a professional engineer.
TOPAZ RIP provides  to  of full range of practical color management to help you realize your own know-how and satisfy your customers.


Just follow the rigid color and job management workflow. You'll complete any color settings for your new job in a flash.



You'll feel it's very flexible to use TOPAZ Rip's color management tools for any kind of your jobs in both cases of re-using existing settings and developing new settings.


New Environment Repeated job Minor change Major change
Profile creation
Color Tweaking
Using original
+ Color Correction
for your preference
Modification of
original setting
like level or gamma
+ Color Correction
for your preference
New creation of
full color setting

INTERNAL PROFILER (With Profiling by Scanner Option)

Don't fully rely on your dealer nor the support from RIP vendor with paying additional cost from now. When even you don't have any spectrometer norcomplicated profiler s/w, you can create your own color settings including ICC profile by your self. 

If you don't have a spectrometer, you can use your scanner instead of it. TOPAZ RIP helps you create your own linearization curves and color profiles.






If you have a spectrometer but you don't have a profiler s/w, you need not use that complicated s/w. TOPAZ RIP provides practical profiler as Adobe Photoshop plug-in.





Unrestricted curve tweaking tool and Soft-proofing preview enables real-time prediction and control of output color exactly. You'll be happy with exact match between your expectation and real output.




You are color professional now without additional expenses

TOPAZ RIP aims for Popularization of Professional Color Management. Save costs required in using other Rips and feel more than full featured color control with TOPAZ Rip.

Color Management Wizard

Certainly it is the best to use high-end Spectrometer and profiler software, if you already have them.
However, isn't there any alternative idea to control your color without them?
Or, should you purchase those expensive device and software, be trained for them
with paying additional cost, and use them with consuming significant time and manpower, only to print single output of inexpensive POP sign? 
TOPAZ RIP will save you from these worries by providing color strips, scanner based CMS module and internal profiler.




Supported file types

  • PS Level 3, EPS, PDF 1.4, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TGA, PSD, PCD, DWG
  • Automatic file recognition
  • Dynamic multi-page PDF/PS support)
  • DCS 2.0
  • TWAIN interface

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, NT, 2000, Me
  • 800 MHz Pentium III PC or higher
  • 64MB RAM or more
    (More than 256 MB is recommended)
  • 1 GB free space on hard disk or more
    (More than 3GB free space on SCSI hard disk is recommended)
  • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
  • VGA compatible graphic card
  • USB driver for security dongle

Optional Product

  • TOPAZ Drawing & Cutting
  • TOPAZ VisialDot ScreenProof
  • TOPAZ ColorMatch


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  Managing digital printers, especially for large format printers in prepress,  signage and textile  printing market


  Raster Image Processing, Color Management, Job Management, Layout Management


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