Mimaki CJV 150 - 75

Mimaki CJV 150 - 75

The MIMAKI CJV150 - 75 PRINT & CUT machine is a cutting printer machine that can print as well as cut in one go without having to reset or change machines.

Product Information

Printed Fabric Cutting Solutions

      The Mimaki machine is very practical and fast for working on sticker printing, and also for t-shirt screen printing using Poliflex Printing material. This MIMAKI CJV150-75 machine has a print and cutting area of ??up to 80 cm, and is optional at the beginning to use Ecosolvent or Sublime Ink. This MIMAKI CJV150-75 PRINT & CUT machine can be used only as a sticker cutting machine or just as a printer machine, or at once..


      So this MIMAKI Print and Cut machine is like having 2 machines at once without having to buy 2 different machines. Media that can be made Print and Cut are generally vinyl stickers that are often used for labels, car wrapping (car branding). You can also Print and Cut on poliflex stickers used for digital t-shirt saalon. Other print media are the same as other Ecosolvent printers such as Inkjet Paper, Photo Paper, Canvas, Albatros, PVC, Duratrans Backlite Film.


      High-quality resolution up to 1440 DPI, and also in outdoor materials (Solvent Based) such as Vinyl Flexi Frontlite Backlite, Vinyl Sticker, Transparent Sticker, One Way Vision Sticker, Mash Banner, Cloth Banner Cloth, and others. The MIMAKI CJV150-75 PRINT & CUT machine has very fine and detailed print results, using the EPSON DX7 Micro Piezo print head which is well known as a quality print head. MIMAKI itself is well known in the market as a Japanese digital printing machine manufacturer that has many advanced features. Excellent quality parts and durable.



  • Fast printing speeds up to 56.2m2 per hour
  • Four different printing widths: 800mm, 1,090mm, 1,361mm and 1,610mm

  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) ensure continuous print operations 3-way intelligent heater

  • High quality print resolution of up to 1,440dpi

  • Choice of multiple solvent ink sets, including: 10-colour options (SS21) featuring; Silver, Orange, Light Black & White inks

  • UISS and optional MBIS III on board 2 litre bulk ink system



Mimaki CJV 150 - 75

Type Print and Cut
Printhead Epson DX 7 Micro Pizeo and Stainless Steel Cartridge
Ink Type Eco Solvent / Sublim
Resolution 7 PL ( 1440 dpi )
Max. Print Width 800 mm
Max. Media Width 810 mm
Media Thickness 1.0 mm or Less
Power Supply AC 220v - Max. 1920 Watt
Operational Env Temp 20 - 30 C / Humidity 35 - 65 %
Dimension 200 x 70 x 140 cm
Weight 126 kg