CE6000 Series

CE6000 Series


Product Information

CE6000 Series

The CE6000 are Graphtec’s professional class of cutter plotter series, and updates the extremely successful CE5000 series with improved features. The CE6000 series is also cleaner, “greener” with an electronic design and manufacturing process that minimizes the environmental impact of the hardware equipment throughout its entire life cycle.

  • Includes Graphtec ARMS (Advanced Registration Mark Sensor).
  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Graphics.
  • Up to 300 & 450* grams of force.
  • Tangential Emulation.
  • 1 Table top, desktop Size (15″).
  • 2 Included Stand Sizes (24″ and 48″).

(*) Up to 450 grams of down force for CE6000-120 only.

Each CE6000 comes standard with: floor stands (60 and 120), rear media roll rack with new media brake (60 and 120 models), Graphtec Studio software, Cutting Master Plug-in, plus Graphtec’s ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) system. Professional, reliable servo motors are made for production and accuracy!



Cutting vinyls and contour printing printed graphics, artwork and media—from large format (up to 48″ with the CE6000-120) solvent based printers, plus water-based inkjet printers and desktop inkjets and laser printers matched up with the CE6000-40 15″ cutter—are what Graphtec cutting plotters are reliably famous for.



Cutting heat transfer vinyl media and rhinestone design template graphics is a breeze — even for this desktop CE6000-40, 15″ cutter.


On the job, the CE6000 series offers real cost/performance advantages over other brands of cutting plotters: rear media roller brake, faster cutting speeds and higher cutting force, you’ll have the flexibility to handle a wider range of material. The USB 2.0 full speed data interface or RS232C Serial Port ensures a reliable connection to the computer, either on a Mac or Windows PC.

The CE6000 comes with Graphtec Studio design software (Mac & Windows compatible) and the completely new Cutting Master 3 Production Manager and Plug-in for the latest versions of Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator.

The CE6000-40 (desktop cutter) & CE6000-60 series both deliver a maximum cutting force of 300 grams and a maximum speed of 24 & 35 inches per second, respectively while the CE6000-120 delivers a maximum cutting force of up to 450 grams and cutting speeds up to 40ips!

The new, built-in front control panel provides complete parameter control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the Full Speed USB 2.0 control interface, the CE6000 is compatible with legacy computer systems as well as the latest PCs available now and for several years to come.

CE6000 Cutting Applications Include (but not limited to)

  • Cut Vinyl
  • Cut Pre-Printed Labels
  • Cut Heat Transfer
  • Cut Masking Media
  • Cut Rhinestone Stencil Templates
  • Contour Cut Pre-Printed Stickers & Graphics
  • Cut Etching and Sandblast Resist Stencils

Reliable cutting quality
Intuitive operation and easy to use

Cutting plotter CE6000 series, Price Performance Leader

The CE6000 series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. It is equipped with professional-level features such as registration mark sensing and perforation cutting for producing a dividing line of labels or packaging mock-ups. The advanced features of the CE6000 series improve your work efficiency and increases productivity.

Reliable quality and consistent performance 






Max. cutting area

           375mm x 50 m

           603mm x 50m

             1213mm x 50m

Max. speed




Max. acceleration

           21.2m/s2 (2.2G)

           21.2m/s2 (2.2G)

             13.9m/s2 (1.4G)

Max. force

           3.2N (330gf)

           4.9N (500gf)

             4.9N (500gf)


Reliable long length tracking

The new media stocker ensures a more stable media feed. A brake system is built in to prevent uncontrolled roll media unwinding. It assists the correct loading of heavy roll media.




Reliable long length tracking

Automatic paneling

Auto-paneling is a new feature that automatically splits long-length jobs into smaller pages that are cut sequentially but without any gaps. The result is a seamless, long-length finished job. Media movement is limited to the smaller page being cut, improving accuracy and tracking.






Supports perforation cutting

Perforation cutting is performed by controlling the cutting force instead of blade up/down movements, increasing throughput. This is p

erfect for cutting separation lines for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs, and others.



Improved ARMS5.0 for high precision cutting 


Auto mark detection

The first registration mark is automatically detected within a wide search area; this eliminates the need to manually move the sensor near the registration mark position. Subsequent marks are automatically located which improves the operability of the registration mark searching.


Expanded effective cutting area

The new fifth generation ARMS system expands the cutting area to include outside of the area enclosed by the registration marks. This increase the production efficiency by reducing media waste.


Copy with ARMS

The COPY key has now been added to the control panel to allow fast access for making multiple copies of the downloaded data. It also supports the cutting data including the ARMS control command for processing multiple sheets without a PC.

Reduce detection time

Sequence of scanning the mark is changed for significantly reducing the mark detection time. Mark detection is possible at 1/2 of the conventional model.


Intuitive operation and easy to use

Easier to cut in simple operation mode 

Two set up menus, Simple and Normal, are available and can be chosen by the operator as desired.
In the Simple operation mode, selecting the type of media also sets the necessary cutting conditions.

Simple mode: Basic menus to ensure easy operation are displayed.
Normal mode: Menus for setting of all the functions are displayed.





New large LCD for easy menu settings

Settings of the CE6000 can be easily set up using the large LCD (240 x 128 dots) and tactile control panel.
It is icon driven and can be set up in 10 languages.
(English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Simple), and Japanese).




Improved application software is included

Design application software

Graphtec Studio

This is an easy-to-use application software for creating original designs. Images can be easily created by using the program icons that are arranged around the drawing area. It has enhanced features such as auto-shapes, shading, and editing functions. It can also configure the cutting conditions and other functions on the plotter.



Main Features 

  • Creating designs using auto-shape, various line types, and others
  • Editing the characters using rotate, mirror, fit-to-shape, and outline
  • Auto-trace (bmp, tif, jpg, etc. image format)
  • Supports the connection and switching of multiple plotters

Supported OS *: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.5.8 to 10.8


For more information about compatibility of the OS and application software, please check the support page of Graphtec website or contact your local representative of Graphtec.

It is new software, it can be easily to create the object using the icons that are arranged around the drawing area. It has higher usability by the screen that are arranged in five area such as the Pull-down menus, icons, preview area, drawing area, side panels. It can be immediately after it is installed.



Major features for creating design


Any shapes can be created easily using drawing tools that are the Line, Rectangle, the Circle/Ellipse, Polygon, Curve/Arc, and etc.
There are available 68 shapes that are preset in Auto-shapes drawing tool.

The shape also can edit easy.









Shaded function

It can easily paint solid colors on a object of the illustration and can also fill in a gradient or pattern.





Editing function 

It can be edited using the functions such as the crop, the join, and etc in each of shapes on the overlapping objects. The Modify tool icon will provide options in the side panel to re-shape the objects.










Line style

The line can be created easily using drawing line tool. It can set configuration of line intuitively to plot such as style, corner, end cap, and color.


The text created and edited very similar to using a word processor.
The text can be configured with font type, style, size, and etc using the Text Style option.
Text can be placed on shapes and paths using the control handle on the text box, the text will follow the path of the shapes.



Plotter settings

The cutting condition in the cutting plotter can be monitored and configured from the software.
Cutters that are connected to this software are shown in the side panel. The cutter used for the job can select from available cutters.

The cutting condition such the type of tool, speed, force, and etc can be monitored and set using the Cutters option.

The cutting condition can also be assigned to a line color using Configure Cut Job option.









Tracing bitmaps & Offset paths

It is a way of taking objects, generally bitmaps, and making an outline of the object. Bitmaps particularly have to be traced since a cutter only understands line and vector paths, and not bitmaps which contain dots (or what is called pixels) that create the image or photo. This feature is great for converting bitmap logos to an outlined (or traced) object as shown in the example below. Since bitmaps are generally objects that need to be traced.


Offset Paths

It create new lines (paths) in specified space from the reference line. Creating an Off Major features for cutting operationset Path can really enhance a design. It can also be used to create a cut line for Print and Cut applications. An Offset is an outline, or inline, of a shape or object.







Major features for cutting operation

It also has a variety of features such as registration mark creation, matrix copy, tiling, weed settings, tool conditions, cut job setting, and others. These functions increase productivity of the cutting job.

These are the same functions as the Cutting Master 3. Please refer the section of the Cutting Master 3 for details.


Plug-in software for Illustrator & CorelDRAW

Cutting Master 3

This plug-in software sends the cutting object created by Illustrator or CorelDRAW to the plotter, and can also be used to control the plotter. It has a variety of features such as registration mark creation, matrix copy, tiling, weed settings, tool conditions, cut job settings, and others. It is easily to use and this enables you to get the best performance from your plotter.

Main Features

  • Editing the position, expansion, and reduction directly within the preview window
  • Creating an outline of the character, recognizing a line width and an overlap
  • Output by a layer or color, and inserting a line for weeding (horizontal, vertical)
  • Splits an object into small pieces by the tiling function
  • Supports the connection and switching of multiple plotters

Supported OS *: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS 10.5.8 to 10.8
Supported software *: Adobe Illustrator CS6/CS5/CS4, CorelDRAW X6/X5/X4

* For more information about compatibility of the OS or application software, please check the support page of Graphtec website or contact your local representative of Graphtec.


Work flow

  1. Design is created using the supported version of Adobe Illustrator or the CorelDRAW.
  2. Registration mark for alignment of contour is created using the function of the Cutting Master 3 if it is necessary.
  3. Design data is transferred to the Cutting Master 3 using the plug-in software icon on the Adobe Illustrator or the CorelDRAW. The Cutting Master 3 will open in other window with transferred data.
  4. Cutting data is transferred to the cutting plotter. The cutting plotter starts the job.



Major feat

ures in Cutting Master 3

Reg. Marks

Registration marks can be added to the printing object using the Registration Marks icon on the Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw softwere.







Matrix copy

It is used for creating multiple copies of the same object. The object is copied in specified matrix condition.


When the object is in pagination printing condition, the action of reading mark and then cutting object is performed repeating in each copy. It improve productivity of the Print and Cut application.

Weed boarder

Boarder line and weeding line can be added in the cutting object automatically and then it is cut. It makes easer to remove the excess material from the media.



The cutting object will be split up onto a number of smaller tiles. The split object can be cut separately. When the cutting object is larger than the width of the media, the object can be split to the width of the media.



When the large object needs to be placed to the surface made by multiple panels, the object can be split to size that is fit to the panel.   








  32-bit CPU


  Grit rolling type, digital servo drive

Max. cutting area
(Guaranteed cutting area)

  375 mm x 50 m *1
  (356 mm x 2 m *1)

  603 mm x 50 m *1
  (584 mm x 5 m *1)

  1213 mm x 50 m *1
  (1194 mm x 5 m *1)

  Mark scanning margin

  Type 1 mark: Front 15 mm, Rear 35 mm, Left/Right 15 mm
  Type 2 mark: Front 17 mm, Rear 37 mm, Left/Right 15 mm (Length of media up to 2 m)

  Number of push roller

  2 rollers

  2 rollers

  3 rollers

  4 rollers

  Max. cutting speed

  600 mm/s (All directions)

  900 mm/s (at 45º direction)

  1000 mm/s (at 45º direction)

  Max. acceleration

  21.2 m/s2 (at 45º direction)

  13.9 m/s2 (at 45º direction)

Max. cutting force
(Instantaneous max. force)

  2.94 N (300 gf) in 31 steps
  (3.2 N (330 gf))

  4.41 N (450 gf) in 38 steps
  (4.9 N (500 gf))

  4.41 N (450 gf) in 38 steps
  (4.9 N (500 gf))

  Minimum character size

  Approx. 5 mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and type of media)


  Max. 0.1 mm in plot up to 2 m *1

  Mountable number of tools

  1 tool

  Blade type


  Pen type

  Oil-based ballpoint, Water-based fiber-tip pen

Media type

Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) excluding high-intensity reflective film, up to 0.25 mm thickness
Polyester film, up to 0.25mm thickness (unguaranteed accuracy)

  Perforation cutting

  Yes (performed by force control)


  RS-232C / USB2.0 (Full Speed)

  Buffer memory

  2 MB

Command sets

GP-GL / HP-GL™ emulation (Set by the menu or the command, and selects from GP-GL, HP-GL™, or Auto detect)


  Graphic type LCD with backlight (240dots x 128dots)

  Registration mark sensing system

  Scans the mark by optical sensor (ARMS5.0)

  Power source

  100 to 120, 200 to 240 V AC (Auto switch), 50 / 60 Hz

  Power consumption

  120 VA

Operating environment
(Guaranteed accuracy)

  10 to 35 ºC, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
  (16 to 32 ºC, 35 to 70 % R.H. (non-condensing))

External dimensions (W x D x H, Approx. [mm])

  672 x 338 x 266

900 x 593 x 1046

1541 x 736 x 1250


  10.5 kg

21 kg (including stand)

40.5 kg (including stand)

  Included software *2

  Windows Driver, Graphtec Studio, Cutting Master 3, Plotter Controller

  Compatible OS *2

  Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Mac OS 10.5.8 to 10.8

  Compatible Standards

  Safety: cUL / CE mark, EMC: VCCI Class A / FCC Class A / EN55022 Class A